Wanna One Variety Show Appearances

This is a list of various notable television programs and broadcasts that Wanna One has appeared on with several or all members. (Radio broadcasts are not included) It might not be everything they’ve ever appeared on – it’s mostly videos that I’ve seen, that I find entertaining, and that I think are helpful to get to know the group.

None of these videos are mine; they belong to their respective networks or channels. The subs are also not mine.  They are either done by the network itself or a fan.

*Last updated March 9, 2017*

Pre-debutProduce 101 Season 2 (MNET).  The website I linked is 101 Subs (Twitter account here), who I personally think is the best source for Produce 101 and Wanna One subs.  Their work is very thorough and extremely good quality!  They also sub a lot of behind the scenes videos and teasers. (Update 9/11/2017: They finally finished all the episodes, so congratulations to them!)


CURRENT ERA: “Boomerang”

I Can See Your Voice (MNET), Season 5 Episode 3 / A music variety show where panels and celebrity guests try to determine if someone is a skilled singer based on their looks and mannerisms.

Apparently Wanna One will appear on shows such as Hello CounselorKnowing BrothersRadio Star, and Sugar Man 2 for their new promotion cycle.

VIDEO SOURCES: Youtube, Dailymotion, KSHOWONLINE, 101 Subs