Sites and Sources

Now that I’ve officially launched my blog, I think it’s important to share where I get my news and information from.  I don’t have a huge list at the moment, but I do have various sources that seem to cover my needs for now.

*Soompi: This is my primary news source for anything K-Pop.  I also like their posts, which are pretty neutral and professional (not a lot of gossip or clickbait).  And as someone who doesn’t speak much Korean, I think the translations are pretty good.

*Omona: This is a Livejournal community that makes all kinds of posts on all sorts of groups and idols.  It has a little bit of everything, and a lot of fans take the time to dig up information about things we might not hear about through the common news sources.

*Seoul Beats: I recently discovered this website, and I really love it.  It’s not a whole lot of news, but discussions about K-Pop – namely reviews of albums or title tracks or reflections on aspects of the K-Pop industry.  Everything’s so well-written and well thought out.  I highly recommend this site.

*Allkpop: People who have been in K-Pop longer than I have will probably say that this website is trash.  I agree that there’s a lot of clickbait and overly gossipy articles, but I would actually say that for the most part the information is accurate.  Or at least, it corresponds with Soompi.  I still take anything I read there with a grain of salt, though.