Red Velvet Television Appearances

This is a list of various notable television programs and broadcasts that Red Velvet has appeared on with several or all members. (Radio broadcasts are not included) It’s not everything they’ve ever appeared on – it’s mostly videos that I have seen, that I find entertaining, and that I think are helpful to get to know the group.   Red Velvet Updates has a full list of all of their appearances.

None of these videos are mine; they belong to their respective networks or channels.  The subs are also not mine.  They are either done by the network itself or a fan.  A lot of the videos that I used were done by ReVelUp Subs.

“Be Natural” Era
“Ice Cream Cake” Era
“Dumb Dumb” Era
“One of These Nights” Era
“Russian Roulette” Era (includes some end of the year broadcasts)
“Rookie” Era



Video Sources: Youtube, Dailymotion, V-Live, KSHOWONLINE, Vimeo