Red Velvet Member Profile: Wendy

Real Name: Son Seungwan (손승완)
Birthday: February 21, 1994
Zodiac Sign: Pisces (Western), Dog (Eastern)
Blood Type: O
From: Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, South Korea

She moved to Canada when she was five years old and went to elementary school and high school there.  She also went to school in the United States (Minnesota) for a time.

Position: Main Vocal
Official Color in Red Velvet: Blue


Wendy in “Russian Roulette” (2016)

Other Activities Outside of Red Velvet:


* March: “Spring Love” with Eric Nam

* December: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” cover

* December: “Sound of Your Heart” – collaboration with Seulgi, Super Junior’s Yesung, SNSD’s Sunny, f(x)’s Luna, and NCT’s Taeil and Doyoung


* October: “Doll” with Seulgi and Kangta (remake of Kangta’s song)

December: “The Little Match Girl” with Baek A Yeon.  The music video features NCT’s Jaehyun.


2015: Participated in charity single “One Dream One Korea”

2016: Featured in the English version of Ricky Martin’s “Vente Pa Ca” (English version)

2017: Sang the Korean version of “My Time” for Elena of Avalor on South Korea’s Disney Channel


2014: “Because I Love You” (Mimi)

2015: “Return” with Yuk Jidam for (Who are You: School 2015), “Let You Know”  (D-Day)

2016:”Don’t Push Me” with Seulgi (Uncontrollably Fond)

2017: “I Can Only see You” with Seulgi (Hwarang: The Beginning)



*100 People, 100 Songs on JTBC (Episode 31 w/Seulgi) / A show where the audience of 100 people each has a song.  Contestants choose an audience member and must finish the song he/she starts singing from memory. (I couldn’t find the actual episode, so the link is an article)


*MBC’s King of Mask Singer (Episode 43) / A singing competition similar to The Voice. Contestants perform wearing elaborate masks and costumes to disguise their identity.

*MBC’s Duet Song Festival (Episode 6) / A singing competition where professional singers appear and do a duet with a partner.  (I couldn’t find the full episode, so I put her performance below)

*Fixed Panelist on KBS’s Trick & True, appeared in all episodes (1-4 with Irene, the rest with Joy) / A show with a panel of celebrities.  Guests perform different acts, and the panel must decide if it’s a magic trick or science. (Only episodes 1 and 2 are currently available with English subs on Youtube)


*Host of tvN’s Raid the Convenience Store with Lee Soo Geun and Highlight’s Doojoon / A variety show where the guests create inventive meals with convenience store food. (Was on the first couple of episodes, but I can’t find any links)

*Abnormal Summit on JTBC (Episode 131 w/ Seulgi) / A panel of foreigners living in Korea who have round-table discussions with guests on various topics and Korean culture.

*Host of KBS World Magazine K-Rush (Episodes 1-4) / An English speaking program that shows different trending topics in Korean entertainment (mostly K-pop, but also K-Drama) and invites idols to promote their recent releases.

*Master Key (SBS), Episode 5 / A variety show where guests compete in teams to discover who has a special key.

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