My Opinions on Red Velvet

*Last updated March 2018*

Red Velvet was the first girl group that I got into! Back when I thought I’d only ever follow GOT7 and not dive into K-Pop any further (LOL), I saw Bambam and Yugyeom do a cover dance to “Ice Cream Cake” on Weekly Idol.   I really liked the song, so I checked Red Velvet out… and I’ve been into them ever since! As of 2018, Red Velvet is now officially my favorite girl group because “Peek a Boo” and “Bad Boy” are EXCELLENT. I love everything about Red Velvet: their music, their choreography, and their concepts.   I think they’re so unique, and they have a very universal appeal.

First member I recognized: Seulgi

First bias: Irene

Current bias: Still Irene! I relate to her a lot because we’re around the same age. K-pop idols who are funny and extra are trendy right now, and I definitely enjoy people like that. But it’s much rarer to see someone who is more calm and composed like Irene (probably because of the age difference).  Although she does definitely have a silly side! I also find it so fascinating how domestic she is and how she enjoys cooking and cleaning and ironing…considering I’m literally the exact opposite. And performance-wise, I really enjoy her soft and breathy voice! Also, visuals… visuals for days.

Bias wrecker: Wendy.  She seems like she would be a great friend to have.  She’s funny and has a lot of energy, and she seems to really look after the other members.

Favorite song: I love them all, so it seems like the latest title track is always the current favorite.  Therefore, I’ll say “Bad Boy.”

Favorite MV: “Russian Roulette.” I love the dark humor scenes juxtaposed against such a cutesy song, and I think it’s so clever.

Favorite era: “Peek a Boo.” Up until this era, I was kind of going back and forth over who my favorite girl group was.  It was Sistar until they disbanded, and then SNSD until their status became uncertain (musically).  So some days I would say my favorite girl group was Red Velvet, but sometimes I would say TWICE or BLACKPINK.  “Peek a Boo” changed all that.  Everything about it is perfection, especially the amazing music video.  It was so good I messaged my friend: “That’s it, Red Velvet is my favorite girl group. I don’t even know why I thought it was anyone else before.”

Favorite choreography: “Dumb Dumb.” So darn complicated, but so darn fun.

Who I think is the best looking: Irene.  I know some people believe she’s plain looking, but I cannot relate because I think her visuals are unreal.  She’s just so pretty and you can fight me if you disagree.

Who I think is the cutest: Yeri. Definitely a cute maknae, although she’s also quite pretty.

Favorite vocal: Wendy

Favorite rapper: Irene

Favorite dancer: Seulgi

An unpopular opinion about the group or a member: I originally wrote that I didn’t like their “velvet” side back when “velvet” meant “ballad.” However, now my favorite songs are actually from their velvet side.  Soooo… I don’t have anything to say anymore!