My Opinions on GOT7

Last updated: March 7, 2017 (before their comeback)

Don’t have enough updated group photos so just going with this one of my faves

GOT7 was the very first K-Pop group that I got into.  It’s because of them that I like K-pop in the first place!  I went through all of their music videos recently, and it felt very nostalgic. (Can you actually feel nostalgic if you’ve only been into K-pop for like two years?) I’ve always felt they were a group with a different vibe from others. Perhaps it’s because I discovered them before I knew anything about Korean culture, or maybe it’s because they have international members from three different cultures.  In any case, their group dynamic always seemed much more open.  While they’re no longer my favorite group because my heart is too easily swayed, they comfortably remain at the top of my list.  Whenever a GOT7 comeback rolls around, it makes me remember that I’ll always have a soft spot for them.

First member I recognized: Mark

First bias: Mark

Current bias and why: Still Mark! He seems like such an interesting person.  He acts so quiet and reserved, but he has his moments where he gets really competitive or really loud and extra.  (My best friend is kind of like this) As a fellow American who lived abroad, I also empathize with him on the “expatriate” level.  It can’t be easy, but he seems to adapt well.  Plus there’s all that more shallow stuff like his good looks, his attractive deep voice, so on and so forth.

Favorite song: “Stop Stop It.” I change my mind all of the time about which one is my favorite, but I always seem to come back to this one.

Favorite MV: “Just Right.” The first K-pop video I ever saw (not counting “Gangnam Style”) that sent me down the rabbit hole. It’s just adorable, and the message it sends is very important.

Favorite era: “Fly.” This was right after I discovered GOT7, but this era seems like a significant one because it was the start of a really successful year for them.  They charted well, got a lot of Youtube views on their MVs, won several music shows, and had a great concert tour.  Plus, they finally found their signature sound even if a lot of people hate it.

Favorite choreography: “If You Do.” I love the fast footwork!

Who I think is the best looking: Mark (duh). But if you made me choose someone else, I’d pick Jinyoung. (EDIT: Jinyoung is becoming even more attractive these days, and I find it very distracting)

Who I think is the cutest: I don’t think any of the GOT7 members are “cute,” like as in “adorable.”  They all seem rather grown up to me, even Bambam and Yugyeom.  Like they looked cute a few years ago, but now they seem in a rush to grow up. But in terms of behavior, I would say Youngjae.  He’s just so endearingly awkward.

Favorite singer: Youngjae.  He has such a beautiful voice.

Favorite rapper: You guessed it – Mark.  I’m a sucker for that low tone voice.

Favorite dancer: In my opinion, Yugyeom is probably the best dancer in terms of technique and freestyle ability.  However, my favorite dancer is Jinyoung.  I tend to favor guys that have more of a laidback and natural style.

An unpopular opinion about the group or a member: I like GOT7 just the way they are.  It feels weird to label it as an unpopular opinion, but I do feel like it’s an uncommon one.  I always see posts where people say they like GOT7 for their personalities and not for their music, or fans who say they don’t like their more recent music.  The last couple of times that GOT7 has had a comeback, all the forums and all the Youtube comments were like “Meh I liked [insert name of other title track here] better” or “I wish they would do [insert concept or era ] instead.” I like all of GOT7’s title tracks pretty equally, and I think my friend Jess is the only other person I’ve met or talked to who feels the same. I do enjoy listening to their older stuff from time to time, but I do think their new sound suits them well. If GOT7 is happy with it, then so am I.