My Opinions on BLACKPINK

Though it seems like forever ago (things move fast in this industry!), I became a K-pop fan in 2016. So BLACKPINK is one of the few groups who I can actually say I’ve been there for since the beginning. I listen to a lot of girl groups and I love a lot of different concepts, but I’m especially drawn to BLACKPINK.  Though they’re younger than me, I just love their mixture of fierce and girl crush. Their music and choreography is exactly my kind of style. I’ve said before I kind of get overwhelmed by cute concepts (older K-pop fan problems). It always seems like BLACKPINK comes back just when I’m ready for a change of pace.

First member I recognized: Jennie

First bias: Lisa

Current bias and why: Still Lisa!  She is an amazing performer.  Her stage presence and charisma is off the charts. Now that BLACKPINK is going on variety shows, I know that she might actually be quiet and shy.  But when she’s performing, she lights it up.  Sometimes you can just tell when someone is meant to be a star, and that’s Lisa.  Also, her dancing is phenomenal and we all know how I trend towards dancers for my bias. Another smaller but no less important reason I like her is because she’s Thai in an industry of mostly Koreans and other East Asians. Since I have Southeast Asian roots, I find that inspiring.

Favorite song: “As if it’s Your Last.” I like them all and I change favorites pretty often, but this one is currently my jam.

Favorite MV: “Boombayah.” I think some of their other music videos are better, but “Boombayah” was the first one that I watched. I remember when I saw it, I thought to myself “This group’s going to be big.” They’ve definitely improved a lot in just under a year, but you can see their potential in that MV.

Favorite era: “Playing With Fire.” The song is just so catchy and sassy, and it doesn’t really sound like what you normally hear in K-pop.  The choreography is fun and fierce.  I didn’t really like the music video, but the fashion was bold,  BLACKPINK also started to appear on a few variety shows at this point, so it was the era that we got to know them.

Favorite choreography: “Whistle.” There are some choreographies that are just perfection, and “Whistle” is one of them.

Who I think is the best looking: Jisoo. She really does have amazing visuals.  She also has pretty big eyes and she’s mastered this kind of stare that looks innocent yet piercing at the same time.

Who I think is the cutest: Lisa.  Just look at her rap section in “As if it’s Your Last” when she’s playing with cotton candy.

Best singer: Rosé.  I think she still needs to work on some things, but she’s young and she has a lot of potential.

Best rapper: Lisa.  Some people hate those English raps, but I live for them.

Best dancer: Lisa.  Not even a question.

An unpopular opinion about the group or a member: I don’t know if this is about BLACKPINK per se, but I don’t see why people think they’re a copy of 2NE1.  To be fair, I think it’s true that BLACKPINK’s appearance on the K-pop scene played a factor in 2NE1’s disbandment. Younger girl groups do tend to supplant older ones, unfortunately.  I wasn’t around in 2NE1’s hey day, but I listened to all of their music and watched all of their videos when I first got into K-pop.  I think their music is similar (like ball park), but not exactly the same.  I think 2NE1 was definitely in the fierce/badass camp, while BLACKPINK is more girly and younger sounding.  There are some BLACKPINK songs that have 2NE1 vibes, but I don’t think they’re what 2NE1 would release now that they’re all women in their late twenties and early thirties.  It’s probably hard for 2NE1 fans, but I wish that more people could look at the two groups separately.