*Last updated November 19, 2017*

Profiles in Order of Debut:

SNSD / Girls’ Generation (added August 2017, updated October 2017 to reflect member changes)
NU’EST W (added October 2017)
EXO (added July 2017, last updated September 2017)
BTS (added September 2017, last updated November 2017 for TV appearances in the US)
GOT7 (added March 2017, last updated October 2017)
Red Velvet (added February 2017, last updated November 2017)
GFriend (added September 2017)
Monsta X (added November 2017)
TWICE (added November 2017)
BLACKPINK (added July 2017)
Wanna One (added August 2017)

Getting into a group can be a long and involved process. There are always so many places to start, and more often than not so many videos to watch.  As someone who checked out about forty groups in a span of a year, I’d like to think that I’ve perfected the process. These profiles are a meant to cover all of (what I think is) important information on a group.  They can either be a starting point for people who want to know more, or a resource for those who want to find everything in one place.

To start, I put a group’s basic information and discography – plus music show wins and awards if applicable. If the group is relatively new and doesn’t have a lot of individual activities, I use an overall page to list the members and their profiles.  If there’s an especially active member or the group has been around for a while, each member gets his or her own page. Variety shows are a must to get to know a group, so I try to make as comprehensive a list as possible. To top it off, I also include a short page about my personal feelings on the group (if you care about that).

Since there are a lot of groups that I listen to, I choose groups based on whoever’s having a comeback right now.  I’ve discovered that compiling all of this information is incredibly time consuming, so I’m more likely to pick recently debuted groups over older ones. If I do choose an older group, I might limit information on things like variety shows to more recent years. My goal is to do one group a month, maybe two if I can get my act together. But based on my track records, that doesn’t always work.

And yes, I know that the profiles I currently have are mostly SM Big 3 groups or groups that are super trendy right now.  It wasn’t intentional, just how it turned out.  I like small agency groups too, I promise!

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