Group Profile: NCT Dream (엔시티 드림)

Basic Info and Discography
More About the Members and Individual Activities
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Basic Info and Discography

We Go Up Album Cover

Image Credit: SM Entertainment

Agency: SM Entertainment
Debut Year: 2016
Name Meaning: NCT stands for “Neo Culture Technology.”  The sub-unit is named “Dream” because the members want to encourage others their age to follow their dreams.
Concept: NCT Dream is a sub-unit specifically for the teenaged members of NCT, and therefore it has a more youthful concept.  They also have a graduation system where members leave once they turn 20.
Greeting: “To the world! 여긴 NCT” (Here is NCT)
Fandom Name: NCTzen (a play on the English word “citizen”)
Fandom Color: They don’t have an official color yet, but their light sticks are neon green.

Light Stick

NCT light stick


Most Recent Release: “We Go Up” (September) – We Go Up, 2nd mini album


About the Members

NCT Dream 3

Members: Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, Jisung
Age Range: 1999-2002

More About the Members


  • Mark is expected to graduate from NCT Dream following the release of “We Go Up”
  • Jaemin was on hiatus in 2017 due to a back injury, and did not promote in “My First or Last” or “We Young”


Because NCT has so many members in so many sub-units, I thought it would be easier to make pages based on the different types of their individual activities rather than one for each person:

MUSIC – Mark

VARIETY SHOWS – Mark, Chenle, Jisung


MISCELLANEOUS (MV Appearances, Hosting) – Mark, Jeno


More Info

NCT Dream Photoshoot

Image Credit: Ceci Magazine

Notable Variety Show Appearances

Special Stages and Dance Covers

How I Feel About NCT Dream