Group Profile: GOT7

Agency: JYP Entertainment
Debut Date: January 20, 2014
Fandom Name: IGOT7 (also pronounced and written as “Ahgase”)
Fandom Color: I don’t think they have an official one, but their lightsticks are green!


(The lightstick is like a bird because “Ahgase” sounds like “baby bird” in Korean)

Members: Mark, JB, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, Yugyeom
Age Range: 1993-1997

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Sub-unit: JJ Project (JB and Jinyoung)

Concept: GOT7 has gone through a lot of concepts since debut, but they have their roots in hip hop (or pop/hip hop, if you prefer).  In recent years, they’ve developed an increasingly Western sound and look.

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Notable Television and Broadcast Apearances
Music Show Wins and Awards

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Special Stages


Most Recent Single: “Look” 


* January: Debut with “Girls Girls Girls” (1st mini album, Got It?)

* June: “A” (2nd mini album, Got Love)

* November – “Stop Stop It” (1st full album, Identify)


* July – “Just Right” (3rd mini album, Just Right)

* October – “If You Do” (4th mini album, MAD)

* December:  “Confession Song” (MAD Winter Edition, repackage)


* March – “Fly” (5th mini album, Flight Log: Departure)

* September – “Hard Carry” (2nd full album, Flight Log: Turbulence)


* March – “Never Ever” (6th mini album, Flight Log: Arrival)

* October: “You Are” (7th mini album, 7 for 7)


March – “Look” (8th mini album, Eyes on You)

All music videos belong to JYP Entertainment