About the Blog

I set up this blog for three main reasons:

  1. I want to practice my writing. I’ve always loved to write, and I’ve been a fiction writer for most of my life. I did a little creative writing in college, and I majored in screenwriting in grad school. Now that I’m job hunting, I want to expand my repertoire a bit. I’ve been trying to get into more essays and entertainment/opinion writing, and I have a lot of opinions about K-pop.  So I figured this was the perfect setup!
  2. I’m trying to set a schedule for myself. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to consistently maintain a blog.  I’ve tried it several times before, but I always end up petering out after a few months because I get distracted by something else. K-pop is kind of my #1 distraction these days, so I thought I could trick myself into doing work by making it about something fun.  I’m proud to report that my strategy worked, and I managed to keep consistently posting for a whole year!
  3. It’s my excuse to talk all things K-pop. I kind of dove into K-pop all by myself, so I only have one close friend that I can chat about it with. I’ve managed to convert several of my friends and get them what I call “K-pop adjacent,” but I still do need a space to just write whatever I want sometimes.

There are a lot of different topics within K-pop that I want to cover, but here’s what I’m working on so far:

*Reviews: Mostly I’ve been doing reviews of different group comebacks and debuts (eventually I’ll branch into solos as well).  I take a look at various aspects – music, performance, concept – and examine how it all comes together and whether it works in the artists’ favor.

*Monthly Round-up Posts: Appreciation posts for my favorite songs, music videos, choreographies, and B-side tracks.  Eventually these will get combined into “end of the year” favorite posts.

*Group Profiles: Introductions to some of my favorite groups.  These are incredibly time-consuming though, so it’s a little slow going at the moment.

*Recaps: This year, I decided to recap all of Produce 101 Season 2. It was a very lengthy and time consuming process, and I got way more invested that I should have.  But at the end of the day, I was really proud of what I wrote.  And given Wanna One’s success, my recaps are now currently my most frequently read posts!  I haven’t decided if I will recap other shows yet, but it’s a possibility.

Note: The featured image comes from Elaina Wahl’s “9 Struggles of Being a K-Pop Fan When You’re Not Korean” on Buzzfeed, which is amazing and so true.