Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: So Many Covers, So Little Time

This episode continues the head to head matches.  Although MNET tries to ramp up the drama, it’s fairly predictable.  Approximately ten out of twelve groups have one member with one problem, but ultimately it never affects any the performances. It’s still pretty entertaining though, because we finally get to see all of the trainees in action instead of aContinue reading “Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: So Many Covers, So Little Time”

Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Battle of the Boy Bands

Well, as per usual I’m about a month behind.  I’m fairly up to date on actually watching the episodes.  It’s just that the process of typing and editing my notes is a little more involved than I anticipated.  But I have notes done for Episodes 3 through 6, so hopefully I can zoom through these prettyContinue reading “Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: Battle of the Boy Bands”

Favorites of 2017: April

April was one of those months where everyone and their mother had a comeback.  There was so much music that it was definitely hard to keep up!  For someone so multifandom as I am, it got pretty overwhelming.  But the good part was that there was a lot of variety and that there was somethingContinue reading “Favorites of 2017: April”

K.A.R.D. Comeback Review: “Rumor”

Is there anything K.A.R.D. can’t do?  They’ve got an international following most K-pop groups would kill to have, and they haven’t even officially debuted yet!  Who’d have thought six months ago that they’d be popular enough to tour the Americas?  I was already on board with them back when they came out with “Oh Na Na,” but I findContinue reading “K.A.R.D. Comeback Review: “Rumor””

SF9 Comeback Review: “Easy Love”

I’ve mentioned before that my main focus with SF9 is (or was) their dancing, because they’ve been pushed as FNC’s first male dance group. As long as their choreography is great, I was satisfied – I didn’t mind if other elements weren’t as interesting.  But SF9 is pushing themselves, and “Easy Love” shows that they’reContinue reading “SF9 Comeback Review: “Easy Love””

EXID Comeback: “Night Rather Than Day”

I’m a little on the fence with EXID.  I like the group themselves (Hani is one of my top biases), and I like their music.  But none of their songs have really grabbed at me.  The only one was “Up and Down,” which I definitely overplayed to death.  I was slightly skeptical when they announced a newContinue reading “EXID Comeback: “Night Rather Than Day””

Teen Top Comeback Review: “Love Is”

Teen Top was actually the first group from the second generation (or is it third?) that I checked out. They motivated me to venture outside of the currently trending groups and really check out all the artists K-pop had to offer.  It sounds cheesy, but if it weren’t for them I might be a veryContinue reading “Teen Top Comeback Review: “Love Is””

Dreamcatcher Comeback Review: “Good Night”

Dreamcatcher has definitely gotten a lot of interest from the international community in the past few months.  The girls are clearly going all in on the dark horror aesthetic, and so far it looks like it’s paying off.  While “Chase Me” already ventured into the supernatural, “Good Night” goes full-on occult – and I’m happyContinue reading “Dreamcatcher Comeback Review: “Good Night””