Hi, I’m Katherine! I’m an Asian-American twenty-something, and I’ve been a K-pop fan for about three years. I started this blog as a hobby to practice writing, but over time it has become one of my passion projects. It’s a space for my thoughts and opinions, and I’m slowly turning it into a resource on some of the most popular groups in the industry. I have lots of ideas that I’m hoping to put into motion in the near future, especially as K-pop continues to expand and become more global.

Let’s be honest: a lot of K-pop is just fun stuff.  We consume massive amounts of videos, and we spend a lot of time supporting our faves any way we can.  But there’s also a deeper side, where we can analyze music videos or have discussions about certain aspects of the industry.  This blog aims to be a bridge between those two: part intellectual, and part fangirl!

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